Friday, July 10, 2015


For those of you who have recently moved to our community...thank you and welcome! I have a couple of quick things to make life easier.

First, located in the clock tower on Foresta are two group inviters. So you can bring family down that needs the land group and get them in if no one is around to help. They're in the back corner next to the group bot (Marine Laville)

Our website is fairly basic but has some decent information too. You can find that at:

Or our Facebook:

A little about our groups:
There are two land groups that work for ALL of our properties. We currently have the following sims - Alvensleben, Foresta, Turvile, and Raelma (way over on Zindra in "naughtyland").

The one named simply Firelands Properties Group works exclusively at Foresta and Alvensleben. The other group named The Firelands Properties Group works everywhere else. And will also work at any future sims we acquire. 

Since most of our locations are along the Blake Sea we thought it would be nice if you could sail from one marina to the other without rez issues when you visited the one you don't live at.

Our staff:

Pier Cukor: Harbor Master, Sim Manager, and builder. Pier is our Master of all trades. There is very little can't do. He is also on the opposite side of the world from me so he is often around when I am not. Don't be afraid to call him if you need help with something. As far as sim & group powers he can do nearly anything I can at any of our locations.

John Marchlewski: while seemingly a role play only position, John is basically our Chief of Security here. So far over the years we have been very fortunate and have not fallen victim to griefers or even drama attacks. I take great pride in the fact that both our sim ban lists and even my own personal mute list have very very few names on them. The sim list has three. My personal mute list has two. You will see very quickly that I try to work things out instead of immediately jumping to a permanent solution. So 99% of the time John's Harbor Patrol & Port Authority Chief's position is a role play position. However, should you find yourself needing help with something that requires sim security John is your man. Feel free  to contact him directly anytime. Or, contact him and join the role play fun!

Lilly Aurora: Lilly is the Deputy Fire Chief here. It's pretty obvious that some of us here really enjoy firefighting role play. While not truly "sim staff" feel free to contact Lilly directly if you are ever inclined to become a hose jockey.

And lastly Carla Laville: sim owner a.k.a. The Harbor Wench as Pier calls me. I am the sole owner here. But I couldn't do it without a lot of help. I manage the rental homes and play bookkeeper. I am also the Fire Chief here and love firefighting role play. I also run Sunset Stables located on Turvile. I like to think of myself more like the community morale ambassador. I try to stir up events, get people active in role play, etc. I work a lot but love to have fun. Regarding the community here you'll find me happiest when I see people enjoying the community. I love seeing families here, shops actually being used, and even simple things like seeing our residents driving or sailing.

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