Tuesday, July 9, 2019

It's time for change... goodbye to Foresta & Turvile... hello to Firelands Estates!

As most of you already know over July 4th weekend we closed the Foresta Marina and the Turvile Community in order to bring you the exciting new Firelands Estates. Having been on the Second Life mainland since 2011 this was not an easy or fast decision to make.

Over the past few years our resident "base" has changed quite a bit.  Residents who once simply enjoyed sailing and then a nice quiet afternoon at home have slowly become more interested in interacting and role playing. We have an active Harbor Patrol and Sheriff's Department who not only role play but provide our regions with actual security too.

The Harbor Patrol is our "police force" and they patrol the streets and waterways of the new Firelands Estates. Led by Chief Michael Ranaynet you'll see members working hard to keep our residents safe in our fair city.

The Union County Sheriff's Department is also part of our community. Sheriff Prodrvr leads his team and they patrol the residential side of our community. UCSO also handles criminal transport and incarceration.

The Firelands Rural Fire District was originally founded in 2011 by three members. Carla Laville, Cale Solo, and Donald Rimgale. The FRFD was split off from it's parent organization SL Medevac
 FRFD has fire stations on several mainland sims as well as two stations now her eon the new Firelands Estates. The FRFD is now run by Fire Chiefs Carla Laville and Lilly Laville.

Since moving to our new location we've been joined by several new residents who also have various shops in our community. Vision Communications & Laboratories was founded by resident Mr. Anderseen.

Vision Communications also houses our regional dispatch center the Second Life Emergency Management Agency (SL-EMA)

Drop by soon and see what we're all about. Find out more about role play opportunities. It's not just police and firefighting. There is a darker and seedier side to our community too but I won't go in to that here. Stop by and see for yourself...