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Welcome to the Alvensleben Resort and Marina!
Located off the main Captive desires sim, the Alvensleben Resort & Marina is right on the edge of the Bingo straight in Alvensleben. We have direct access to 100's of sailing sims known as the Blake Sea region. We have very reasonable boat slips available for rent here as well as a few select rental cottages. below is a brief photo tour. For more information or to rent please contact Carla Laville or email me.
Harbor Master: Pier Cukor 

Since starting this blog we have moved from the old Raimondo location to the Alvensleben sim right next door. The marina now offers similar rental cottages, as well as small cottages with private front door step mooring. Available in small or large these are conveniently located right on the waterfront.

A lot of changes have taken place since the old Raimondo location. One of our tenants - Titti Anatine - hosts internet radio station RTA Planet and provides music 24/7. His radio station is located right on sim. He also hosts dances on his huge yacht several ties a week. 


Since the start of the new 2014 season the marina has undergone some interesting changes. The radio station has expanded to include an on-shore disco as well.


And of course some minor changes to allow for the new disco too. Mainly just scenery additions.


The addition of the Alvensleben Volunteer Fire Department and SL Medevac Substation:

The Alvensleben Volunteer Fire Dept:

'Assistant Fire Chief Cale Solo

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